Best Collagen Peptides Of 2020 Reviewed

Collagen peptides are a type of protein made from collagen and help to improve your bone, joint, and skin health. They also improve your body’s ability to recover from workouts by helping your body repair damaged muscle fibers and tissue. 

With collagen peptides, it’s important to know:

  • Collagen peptides help repair joints and ligaments, reducing pain caused by injuries and arthritis.
  • Collagen peptides provide powerful anti-aging benefits for skin, helping to smooth out wrinkles and turn back the clock.
  • Being high in protein and amino acids, collagen peptides can help improve muscle recovery, muscle growth, and metabolism.

Our Winners 

Best Overall: LiveWell Collagen Peptides

Best Collagen Peptides Powder: Vital Proteins

Best Marine Collagen Peptides: Further Food Premium

Best Collagen Peptides Pills: Reserveage

Best Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides: Transparent Labs

Best Grass-fed Collagen Peptides: LiveWell Collagen Peptides

Best Overall

1. LiveWell Collagen Peptides

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LiveWell collagen peptides contain 20 amino acids formulated for enhanced bioavailability to support bone and joint health. It strengthens your hair, skin, and nails and improves your gut and immune function.

Also, it’s hormone-free and 100% non-GMO. Our #1 choice for collagen peptides. 

2. Essential Elements

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This supplement is non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and preservative-free. It’s 19 amino acids are enzymatically formulated to benefit the body’s overall cellular structure. 

This is the go-to supplement for muscle and ligament repair, physical flexibility and recovery, and for cartilage, tendon, and joint health. 

3. Transparent Labs 

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To combat the effects of aging, this collagen hydrolysate is the collagen powder for you. It prevents wrinkles, sagging skin, and sore ligaments. 

On top of that, if you’re an athlete, this supplement provides recovery, joint health, and bone structure. 

4. Sports Research 

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For the health and vitality of your skin, hair, tendon, cartilage, and bones, Collagen Peptides supplies you with the nutrients you need. 

It’s 3rd party certified by the Paleo & Keto Foundation, so it’s completely safe and has the credentials necessary for a quality collagen supplement. 

5. Vital Proteins

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Vital Proteins is only sourced from one ingredient, so you don’t have to worry about any extra unnecessary additives. Also, it’s sugar-free and easily dissolves with beverages such as tea, coffee, and smoothies. 

6. Great Lakes 

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Great Lakes collagen peptides support joint health and post-workout recovery, and improve your digestive health. It’s great for anyone looking to improve their overall well-being. 

7. Reserveage

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If you’re a vegan, this supplement includes natural ingredients like organic French and Muscadine red wine grapes and wildcrafted Japanese Knotweed to support your vegan lifestyle. 

These collagens are made for women and have plant-based resveratrol support that defies aging by supporting a healthy heart. 

8. NeoCell Super Collagen 

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As an advanced hydrolyzation collagen powder, this supplement turns large collagen molecules into small peptides that are bioavailable in the body. It supports your joint health for increased flexibility. 

9. Orgain Collagen Peptides

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Orgain contains 20g of collagen peptides and 18g of protein and provides you with clean nutrition. It’s delicious and convenient to make, making it perfect for protein shakes. 

10. Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen 

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Ancient Nutrition collagen peptide is powered by ancient principles from Ayurveda and traditional Chinese herbalism that is rooted in traditions and backed by current research. It’s made with the world’s highest quality ingredients. 

Best Collagen Peptides Powder (Winner)

1. Vital Proteins 

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Vital Proteins collagen peptide powder contains the key ingredient, non-ascorbic acid vitamin C, to help support the body’s natural collagen production. 

It takes the top spot in the best collagen peptides powder category because it’s easily digestible and soluble and gives you the vitamin boost you need to support healthy hair, skin, nails, bones, and joints. 

Best Marine Collagen Peptides (Winner)

1. Further Food Collagen

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These marine collagen peptides are obtained from the skin of the highest quality premium wild-caught North Atlantic cod fish. 

Further Food Premium takes the top spot in the best marine collagen peptides because it absorbs quickly through your digestive system since it has the lowest molecular weight of any collagen type. 

Best Collagen Peptides Pills (Winner)

1. Reserveage

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This woman supplement contains 250mg of resveratrol, a polyphenol compound made to support healthy heart function and cellular health with anti-aging compounds. 

Reserveage takes the top spot in the best collagen peptides pills because it provides your body with the anti-aging properties it needs to maintain the best years of your life. 

Best Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides (Winner)

1. Transparent Labs 

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This supplement is a hydrolyzed type I and III collagen that is excellent for mixing in hot or cold liquids. 

Transparent Labs take the spot in the best-hydrolyzed collagen peptide because it contains 11g of hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides which is the highest amount of hydrolyzed collagen pesticide per scoop. 

Best Grass-fed Collagen Peptides (Winner)

1. LiveWell Collagen Peptides

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These grass-fed collagen peptides are made with one simple ingredient, grass-fed collagen that’s free of GMOs and hormones.

Live Well takes the top spot in the best grass-fed collagen peptides because it’s a pure unflavored protein that easily dissolves into your favorite beverages. 

Who Should Use a Collagen Peptide Supplement? 

Collagen peptides can be used by both men and women of all ages. If you’re young, they’re stellar for hindering aging by providing your body with many health and beauty benefits. If you’re old, you likely are starting to deal with the onset of osteoporosis and joint issues. With collagen peptides, you can strengthen your bones and joints. 

It’s also a great source of post-workout recovery for all the physically active people. Collagen is a connective tissue that is the most abundant protein in your body. It’s specifically formulated for both men and women and is responsible for supporting bone, skin, and joint health. 

Although collagen peptides are regarded as safe for most individuals, it may cause side effects such as bad taste in your mouth, heartburn, and fullness. If you have any food allergies, be sure to get supplements that aren’t made from collagen sources you’re allergic to. 


Purity: One of the first things we deciphered when ranking collagen peptides was which ones were free of hormones and other artificial ingredients. The ones that made our list are crafted with the purest and cleanest ingredients. 

Bioavailability: When ranking the collagen peptides, the most important thing we looked at was bioavailability. We made sure our top-ranked collagen peptides contained the ingredients that improve your bone, joint, nails, and hair health. That’s why LiveWell Collagen Peptides ranks as our #1. It contains the exact 20 amino acids your body needs for enhanced bioavailability. 

Amino Acid Content: Another important factor that made some supplements appear on our list was their ability to aid in post-workout recovery. Collagen is the main protein found in connective tissue, and it can help your muscles recover and repair from intense workouts. That’s why we specifically looked for collagen peptides containing high amounts of amino acids that support your body before and after workouts. 

Supporting ingredients: Because of collagen’s capability to improve skin health, it helps you stay youthful and energized. This is why we searched for certain collagen peptides with anti-aging components like resveratrol. 


Collagen peptides can improve your joint health. Joint health is important for movement and stability. As we age, joint health gets worse, which is why older adults are more at risk for falls. 

Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis that causes our bones to deteriorate and is especially common in people that age and don’t do any form of resistance training. However, studies have shown that orally taking collagen hydrolysate can decrease pain in men and women with osteoarthritis – proof that collagen peptides strengthen your bones (1). 

Another study looked at 200 patients of both genders who were at least 50 years old with joint pain. They were split up into 2 groups: a placebo group and an experimental group. The experiment group took 1200 mg per day collagen for 6 months, and it was concluded that their joint pain decreased (2). 

Collagen peptides may improve your skin health. Your skin is responsible for making you look young and vital, and it’s your body’s first layer of protection. Your skin also protects you from harmful radiation and chemicals including UV rays from the sun and other harmful organisms and hazards. 

Taking collagen peptides has been shown to improve skin aging. In this study, two placebo-controlled trials were examined to test the effects oral collagen peptide supplementation had on individuals’ skin. After 8 weeks of intake, the patient’s skin hydration significantly increased (3). This is important because hydrated skin helps reduce the harmful effects of aging such as wrinkles and decreased skin elasticity. 

Furthermore, one study involving 69 women aged 35-55 were investigated to determine the effects of taking specific oral supplementations of collagen peptides. Compared to the placebo group, skin elasticity significantly increased in both groups taking 2.5 g or 5 g of collagen peptides (4). 

According to this study, the amount of collagen peptide you take doesn’t necessarily hamper skin health improvement. As long as you’re including collagen peptide in your supplementation, your skin health will improve. Improving your skin elasticity will reduce the effects of aging by preventing saggy, crinkled, or leathery skin. 

Another 2015 study published by the Journal of Medicinal Nutrition and Nutraceuticals found that healthy postmenopausal women who took oral nutritional supplements containing collagen drastically reduced facial wrinkles and increased their skin elasticity and hydration (5). Although this study was done on postmenopausal women, these same effects can be seen in anyone taking a quality collagen petide supplement. 

Collagen peptides can improve your gut health. A healthy gut means better heart health, brain health, and a stronger immune system. Without good gut health, you’re at risk for various ailments including sleep disturbances, autoimmune conditions, and difficulty digesting food. Thankfully, the food and supplements you put in your body have a massive impact on your overall gut health. 

A 2017 study showed that collagen peptides improve intestinal barrier function and protects against leaky gut (6). Your gut health affects your body’s metabolism and having a healthier gut will allow you to burn more calories and dispense nutrients effectively throughout your body. 

Collagen peptides may improve your sleep quality. You probably already know the major benefits better quality of sleep has on your body and everyday life. The bad news is that insomnia and poor quality of sleep affect a large number of people. The good news is that taking certain supplements provide your body with potent neurotransmitters that help you fall asleep. 

Glycine is the main amino acid found in collagen and can act as a neurotransmitter and promote sleep by reducing core body temperature. Studies show that glycine reduces symptoms of insomnia and improves sleep quality, by elevating serotonin levels in your brain – the main neurotransmitter responsible for helping you feel relaxed  (7).

Collagen peptides can hinder your body’s propensity to age. Numerous factors increase the rate at which you age including exposing your skin to harmful chemicals and radiation and not living a healthy lifestyle. But even if you do avoid these hazardous substances and live an active lifestyle, your body still needs the proper nutrients to alter the rate at which it ages. Aside from exercising and eating nutritious food, taking the proper supplements can vastly improve your body’s inclination to age. 

Research is proving that the ingestion of collagen peptides enhances blood microcirculation and reduces facial aging signs (8). Blood circulation is important for supplying your bodily tissues with adequate oxygen to function, and facial aging is a strong sign of how lively your body is as a whole. 

Another study showed a reduction in visible signs of aging after only 12 weeks of daily consumption of a collagen supplement (9). 

Collagen peptides could improve your post-workout recovery. Since collagen is the main protein found in your connective tissue, it’s imperative for repairing your muscles after a rigorous workout. Collagen peptides contain protein which is the building block of muscle. 

After you lift weights, your muscle tissues damage and breakdown. Resting and recovering allows your body to build the muscle you’ve worked for in the gym. Fortunately, taking the right supplement can speed up your body’s ability to repair tissue damage from rigorous physical activity. Adding collagen peptides to your protein shake to help build muscle and reduce soreness. 

Collagen peptides could prevent bone loss. Maintaining good bone health will help you reduce injuries. Of course, the older you get the less bone mass you have, however, you can increase your bone strength and prevent it from decaying by combining exercise with the proper supplements. 

An article published in 2005 claimed that collagen has an important role in bone strength The article states “Bone strength depends not only on the quality of bone tissue but also on the quality, which is characterized by the geometry and the shape of bone, the microarchitecture of the trabecular bones, the turnover, the mineral, and the collagen (10).” In other words, the amount of collagen each bone contains is important for bone strength. 

Postmenopausal women are more susceptible to bone loss since menopause causes a drop in estrogen, and this drop in estrogen leads to osteoporosis. A study of 131 postmenopausal women exhibited an increase in bone mineral density after 12 months of intaking a daily oral administration of specific collagen fibers (11). 

Moreover, a 2014 article looked at the effects a 3-month intervention of calcium-collagen chelate had on improving bone density. 39 women were randomly assigned to two groups: one containing 5 g of calcium-collagen and one control group. The loss of bone mineral density was substantially lower in the women who took the collagen supplement (12). 

Collagen peptides might increase muscular strength in men. Muscular strength makes physical activities a lot easier, enhancing your ability to perform daily tasks and play recreational activities. Muscular strength also reduces your risk of injury and is linked to more muscles and stronger bones. 

Of course, resistance training will improve your muscular strength, but there are certain supplements you can take to improve it even more. Combining collagen peptide supplementation with resistance training displays a further increase in fat-free mass and body composition than just resistance training alone (13). 

As aforementioned, collagen peptides contain protein, which is essential for maximal muscle growth and strength. 

Collagen peptides can increase your muscle mass. If you increase your muscular strength, you’ll increase your muscle mass as a by-product. That’s because an increase in muscle strength is directly proportional to an increase in muscle mass. Therefore, the more muscular strength you develop from resistance training and taking research-backed supplements, the more muscle mass you’ll have – which can lead to other benefits like an increased metabolism.

Having more muscle also strengthens your immune system. Of course, the stronger your immune system is the less likely you are to get sick, and the more energy you’ll have every day. 

Collagen peptides may improve your cardiovascular health. Poor cardiovascular health leads to all sorts of health issues including poor blood flow and atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis is a heart disease that is a buildup of plaque on the walls of your arteries which obstructs blood flow. Although heart disease is a notorious cause of death for many people (especially Americans), a caliber collagen peptide supplement can help prevent this gruesome malady, so you can live a long, healthy life. A recent 2017 study proved that collagen tri-peptide prevents and treats atherosclerosis in healthy humans (14). 

Collagen peptides can improve your nail growth. Many people are unaware of the fact that healthy nails are a glimpse of your overall health. If your nails have a white or rosy color or a rippling or bump, it may be a sign of a bigger health problem. In fact, problems in your liver, lungs, and heart can all be tied to poor nail condition. 

In one study, 25 participants who took 2.5 g of specific bioactive collagen daily for 24 weeks were examined. The results indicated that the daily ingestion of certain bioactive peptides increases nail growth, improves brittle nails, and decreases the frequency of broken nails (15). 


Collagen peptides are not only beneficial for strengthening your bone and joints, but they have the potential to slow aging. Their aptitude to increase skin elasticity and skin hydration will keep you looking young and full of vitality. 

They are also excellent to supplement with your protein shakes since they contain protein and other properties that repair your muscle tissue and boost post-workout recovery. 

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